Our international leadership team. Proven consumer product expertise since 1991.

Green Seed provides food and beverage consultancy through offices across the US and Europe

Green Seed’s expansive network spans 11 offices and covers over 20 countries. We offer a powerful combination of in-depth local knowledge, global market intelligence and deep relationships among global trading partners.

Our name is an expression of our priorities. Green reflects our passion for working with products that are in harmony with nature and that promote health. Seed reflects our promise to provide growth capital and expertise to help your company realize its fullest potential. We strive to achieve exceptional returns on investment and client revenue growth aligned with our two-fold mission:

Commitment to Better Choices

We champion brands that inspire what we call Conscious Consumption which is the opportunity for consumers to be more mindfully aware of the origin, nutritional value, and sustainability of their purchases.

Positive Impact

Our brands support causes that are positively impacting the world food ecosystem by promoting education and advocacy in nutrition, fair trade, the Non-GMO Project, 1% for the Planet, organic programs and the responsible treatment of people, livestock, and crops.


Green Seed Locations

Green Seed North America

331 Park Ave S
New York, NY 10010
United States
Tel +1 (203) 226 6577

Samples and Mail:
PO Box 4147
Madison, CT 06443
United States

Managing Director: David Wilson

Green Seed France
72 rue de Longchamp
75016 Paris
Tel +33 01 55 35 08 08
Managing Director: Sophie Delcroix
Green Seed Italy
Via Santo Stefano 75
40125 Bologna (BO)
Tel +39 051 6569014

Managing Director: Sauro Musiani

Green Seed Nordic
Munktell Science Park
Portgatan 3
633 42 Eskilstuna
Tel +46 (0) 73 783 19 99
Managing Director: Jakob True
Green Seed Spain
Adriano de Utrecht 3
1º-c. 28050 Madrid
Tel +34 609 260 889
Managing Director: António Obieta
Green Seed Eastern Europe
Ul. Św. Tomasza 29/2
31-027 Kraków
Tel +48 12 429 41 01
Managing Director: Krystof Lurka
Green Seed Belgium
Nieuwelaan 119
1853 Strombeek-Bever
Tel +32 (0)2 740 09 60
Managing Director: Phillp Horemans
Green Seed Germany
Kennedyallee 93
60596 Frankfurt am Main
Tel +49 69 97 12 91–0
Managing Director: Nicole Guenther
Green Seed Netherlands
Storkstraat 26a
3833 LB Leusden
Tel +31 33 434 02 50
Managing Director: Pim Haasdijk
Green Seed Portugal
Av. Elias Garcia, 137, 7º
1050–099 Lisboa
Tel +351 21 780 0243
Managing Director: Luis Garcia
Green Seed UK
7 The Arches
Chancel Street
London SE1 0UR
United Kingdom
Tel +44 (0)7771 611764
Managing Director: Simon Waring

Frequently Asked Questions

Sales and Marketing:

What services do you provide growing brands?
We have a marketing team that can help you build and execute trade programs to give your brand visibility and generate trial in-store. We have experience with smaller brands and startups and are wise about spending efficiently and effectively. We also have a network of preferred consumer and creative agencies that can develop consumer marketing programs.
Are you a broker?
No. We have an accelerator sales team who can operate as a third-party sales force while building distribution for your products.  Our sales team has relationships with the some of the best brokers in the country across all major classes of trade.
Do you provide introductions to retailers?
Yes, we have a national sales team with relationships with the best brokers in the country and can get you in front of key retail decision makers.
How can you help us gain better store distribution?
We have a national sales team covering all classes of retail trade. We can operate as a third-party sales force, building distribution for your products.  Our sales team has relationships with the best brokers in the country and can help execute agreed sales plans.
Can you help us with creative work and packaging?
Yes, with our many years of experience we can help develop creative strategy and briefs and work with marketing agencies to develop ideas and creative for packaging design, positioning and advertising.
How can we ensure results?
Watch our client testimonial videos, ask to talk to our clients and listen to how Green Seed has helped them reach their goals.  Our aim is to create business value for you by leveraging our decades of experience in building food and beverage brands.
How long is a typical engagement?
Initially, we can develop a short-term proposal to get to know each other but our intention is to develop long-term partnerships. For example, we have been working with Siggi‘s yogurt business for 10 years, with Quorn for more than 10 years, with Materne for 4 years, and with Premier Sharwoods for 7 years. Our services will probably change as the needs of your business change over time. The typical lifecycle of Green Seed services goes from starting as an advisor, then morphing to an investor advisor, to using the sales and marketing incubator resource if needed, and then often back to an advisor role.
What are your fees?
We develop tailor-made sales and marketing programs for our clients depending on their needs. Fees are based on the project team composition and the man-hours to get the job done. In some cases, we exchange fees for equity and often take performance bonuses. We like to feel vested in your success.


Who can I talk to about investments?
Send an email to David, Green Seed founder and owner david.wilson@greenseedgroup.com
What is the average investment you make?
Between $50,000 and $2,000,000.
What are your investment criteria?
Our investment sweet spot is early-stage companies pre-revenue up to $10 million in sales. We focus solely on food, beverage and relevant non-food companies with high growth potential. We love consumer brands that are differentiated disruptors in trending categories.  We like to invest early stage but can also help you raise larger capital from more formal sources like VC’s.
Do you provide capital and expertise for non-food and beverage companies?
Yes we do, particularly if the brand leverages retail channels and meets our criteria of high growth potential, is differentiated, and is a genuine disruptor in a trending category.
What is the process for submitting a business plan?
First, get in touch with us and share your company and brand PowerPoint deck. From there, we’ll use our many years of experience to help you write a realistic business plan, guide your business growth activities and raise capital.

Let Us Help

If you’re a startup, we can help you fine tune and validate your concept, develop your rollout strategy and help you achieve wider distribution. If you’re a later-stage brand seeking to enter or expand your US retail presence, we offer business intelligence and path-to-market planning, including making the important introductions you’ll need to succeed.