We offer seed capital, targeting early-stage brands and helping them grow to substantial market capitalization and category leadership.

We provide capital, entrepreneur mentoring, board advisory services and hands-on retail sales management that give our entrepreneurs the freedom to grow their brands and achieve their goals.

Key investment criteria

We invest in food, beverage and relevant non-food companies that have high growth potential and are pre-revenue up to $10 million in sales.

We look for companies with strong growth potential:

  • Minimum company revenues of $1m to $10 million
  • Proof of concept at a high-quality retail chain
  • Negative EBITDA up to $2 million
  • Equity investment up to $2 million
  • Flexibility – Minority or Majority equity position
  • Evidence of proof of concept
  • Opportunity for outsized returns
  • Attractive gross margin potential
  • Distinct competitive advantage in distribution channels
  • History of or opportunity for strong cash flow
  • Proven team with operational expertise
  • Innovation-centered
We look for great brands in the making:

  • Differentiated products
  • Authentic story and brand
  • Unique go-to-market strategy
  • Products we’d share with friends and family
First and foremost we invest in people:

  • People with integrity and passion
  • Consumer-centered
  • Committed to growth

Let Us Help

If you’re a startup, we can help you fine tune and validate your concept, develop your rollout strategy and help you achieve wider distribution.

If you’re a later-stage brand seeking to enter or expand your US retail presence, we offer business intelligence and path-to-market planning, including making the important introductions you’ll need to succeed.