The Challenge

Startup in the US market. When we first met Siggi he was selling cartons of hand-labeled product in lower Manhattan and his brand plan was merely a concept under development. While the brand had humble beginnings, we recognized it had huge potential to become a major success story.

The Strategy

After initial sales development in Manhattan, expand retail sales nationally while focusing on the core brand values of Icelandic simplicity and a lower sugar platform.

The Execution

Green Seed invested in the company, then helped raise funds in a secondary investment round. Green Seed provided initial strategic guidance on positioning, packaging, and pricing, and assisted in the development of the overall business strategy and sales plan. Green Seed also helped establish co-manufacturing relationships and facilitated customer contacts with the natural and premium grocery trade. Through this phase, Green Seed served as an extension of staff resources in managing the sales function and broker networks. Green Seed assisted in organization design and recruitment of in-house resources.

The Result

2016: Today Siggi’s is available in over 17,000 stores across the USA and also found in 7,000 Starbucks. Siggi’s is a thriving company and Green Seed holds a board seat and helps steer continued business growth.