The Challenge

Startup in the US market for this popular UK brand of meatless products.

The Strategy

Establish a US business entity and introduce a US-tailored frozen food range of meat-free products starting in the natural retail channel.

The Execution

Since its US debut in 2002, Quorn has become the number one meat-free brand in the US natural category. The Green Seed team has been responsible for sales, marketing, customer service, and entity management of the entire Quorn US operation. Green Seed’s sales management team has incubated the brand in the natural and premium grocery channels and the marketing team cost-effectively developed and executed promotional programs that build awareness, generated product trial, and engaged interest in the brand.

The Result

From a startup to # 1 in the meat-free brand in the US natural category selling nationally across the US. The company successfully sold to Asian food giant Monde Nissan in 2015 for $830M.