The Challenge

Materne, the owners of the market-leading French applesauce in a pouch called “Pom Pot”, wanted to launch in the US.

The Strategy

Develop a suitable brand name and adapt the product to suit the US consumer. Launch in natural specialty channels, then roll-out to grocery and club channels.

The Execution

Green Seed provided pre-launch consultancy. We undertook research on the “Pom Pot” product name and completed work on positioning, product development, and rebranding. We completed an IRI analysis of the US market to understand fruit sauce category trends. Then, we developed communications, pricing, retail, and consumer targets. The Green Seed sales team launched the brand and provided marketing support that was instrumental to GoGo squeeZ’s successful retail introduction into the US market.

The Result

Today, US sales exceed $200 million annually. GoGo SqueeZ initially entered into Whole Foods and other natural stores in 2008, then distribution followed into premium supermarkets in 2009. In 2010, we continued to build in-roads bringing the brand to the club channel through Costco. In the past few years, the GoGo squeeZ brand has continued to grow with distribution in mass retailers Target and Walmart. The GoGo squeeZ name created for the US is now being rolled-out by Materne in other international English-speaking markets.