Dorset Cereals

The Challenge

Introduce a range of high-quality, beautifully packaged breakfast cereals to the US market.

The Strategy

Focus on one key customer and distributor: Whole Foods and UNFI. Then, expand the distribution base after one year to other independents and supermarkets in natural category.

The Execution

In early 2007, we started the relationship by setting up a meeting between Dorset and the Whole Foods buyer. Following those first important introductions, Green Seed provided advice on adapting packaging, optimizing its brand appeal for the US consumer, recommending pricing and making introductions to critical supply chain partners. Green Seed developed the market entry sales plan and executed the commercial rollout strategy, by managing key retail and distributor accounts.

The Result

Within six months of the initial Whole Foods introduction, Dorset Cereals could be found sprouting up in Whole Foods stores across the country. A successful relationship blossomed between Dorset, Whole Foods, and distributor UNFI, brokered by Green Seed. Today the brand can be found nationally in the US.